The Prepaid Solution Just For Your Business !!

EZ Prepaid is the industry leading Wholesale Prepaid for Retailers and Distributors of prepaid products and gift cards. With EZ Prepaid, retailers can unleash new revenue streams by offering the industry's most appealing products. Our patented technology prepaid solutions, best-in-class category management expertise and award-winning vendor service produce exceptional results for our retail partners.

EZ Prepaid's retail network features most of the premier brands in the big box, grocery, convenience, chain drug, discount, electronics, office supply and other categories. Since 2001, EZ Prepaid technology has made the buying process easier for consumers while streamlining the selling process for product and retail partners.

EZ Prepaid market to Cellular Retailers, Convenience Stores, Prepaid Cellular Wireless Services Outlets, Check Cashing Retailers, Grocery and Drug Stores and other high-traffic retail locations, we believe in the importance of creating "repeat business" for you.

Do you want to increase sales? Want your customers to come back to your store time and time again? Do you want customer popularity and increase walk-in traffic for your retail establishment? The all in one service solutions that can help you achieve all these goals are Prepaid Wireless, Prepaid Phone Cards, Prepaid Gift Cards and Bill Payment Services that create returning traffic to retail locations, which should be the most important for any business retail owner.

- Free Account Setup, No Fees, No Contracts, No Equipment Costs
- 24 x 7 Access to EZ Prepaid's $15,000,000 Prepaid Inventory

If you're not using these cutting edge solutions in your business, you're letting LOADS of your customer repeat business walk-out your business door.

Retailer benefits include:

  • Become a destination for prepaid purchases, bill payments and other electronic transactions.
  • Sell multiple products from a single terminal.
  • Real-time, web-based reporting.
  • Never out of stock, with access to limitless product inventory (no hard cards to manage – eliminates shrinkage, theft and fraud).
  • Increase store traffic and ticket value by offering multiple services at the point of sale.
  • Prevent Employee Theft or Fraud.
  • No Lost Sales Due to Being "Out of Stock".
  • No Long Term Lease.
  • No Hidden Cost.
  • Track Employee Sales.

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